Hands and Feet Reflexology

“There is no one giant step that does it. It’s a lot of little steps”


Relax, enjoy, unwind

All reflexology sessions will commence with a brief health check. But keep in mind that is not a substitute for medical treatment. A reflexologist will never diagnose, but may suggest you seek medical advice or suggest other alternative therapies that may be of benefit to you. You will be asked to sign a consent form, before a treatment can begin.

Practitioners and many users believe that reflexology helps the body to nurture and repair itself, once released from stress and imbalance.

Depending on whether your feet or hands (or both) are being worked on, you will be asked to lie or sit down, always remaining fully clothed. Only your hands and/or feet will be uncovered. Your feet or hands will be wiped or washed in warm water. Following this your feet or hands will be examined for open wounds, rashes, sore areas, swelling, verrucas, bunions etc. and tested for any pain that could prevent or hinder a reflexology treatment.

All my reflexology sessions after the consultation, will commence with a warm up massage to the feet and lower legs or hands as appropriate.

Knowing a specific condition exists enables the session to be individually tailored focus on the point/s corresponding the problem or issue. A variety of pressures will be used. Normally, a gentle pressure will suffice. A reflexologist will stimulate the nervous system to do the work, it is not the reflexologist who “fixes” it.

It is up to you whether you talk during the course of a session or just lie back and switch off. If you fall asleep, you will still receive the benefits of a treatment. Feedback is encouraged during and after a session, as it is beneficial to the client and reflexologist.

During a reflexology session many different pressure techniques will be applied to include all of the points on both feet or hands. The session will commence with the toes or fingers, working around the foot or hand, covering both sides and top, and using the ethically produced and high quality Neal’s Yard lotion, oil or balm most suited to you.

Unless you are having a quick ‘taster’ treatment, the reflexologist will focus on the entire reflexology routine, covering the whole body systems.

All reflexology sessions will vary and reactions will be different each time. You will normally feel very relaxed; you may also experience a tingling sensation in the area of the body that the practitioner is working on through the foot or hand.

After your reflexology is finished, please do not rush. Take your time to get re-orientated and back on your feet! It is essential to drink a glass of water while giving feedback on how you felt at the end of a session. Try to avoid rigorous exercise, a heavy meal and alcohol after a treatment. If possible take it easy and rest, feel the benefits of a reflexology session in the comfort of your home.

Many reactions are possible after having reflexology. The key is to sit back, relax, enjoy and unwind.

Foot Reflexology Prices

If you’ve never experienced the wonders of Sole Purpose’s Reflexology sessions then this is for you!

For the more adventurous or experienced there are a range of prepaid treatment packages.


You’ll be amazed at the effect a simple hand reflexology session you can have


For the more adventurous or experienced there are a range of prepaid treatment packages.