Relax, Recharge, Revitalise.

Reflexology. An ancient art, with modern benefits. Focused on reducing stress and enhancing your wellbeing.

Foot Reflexology


As a member of the AOR, their Covid protocols are implemented.
Treatments require a prior consultation.
Covid and GDPR form completion before treatments commence.
Foot Reflexology

Mobile Reflexology

The great advantage of having a mobile therapist is that it makes your treatment as hassle-free as possible. No salon, traffic, or parking spot! I come to you, at a time and place that’s convenient for you. I carry everything I need with me, ready to pamper your paws and relax and revitalise your body from head to toes.

Foot Reflexology

Only the best

I’m proud to only use the best products on my clients. I use carefully selected items by Absolute Aromas and Neal’s Yard when performing reflexology or massage treatments. I’m always educating myself and evaluating the latest trends and practices.

Foot Reflexology

Holistic Approach

You might think Reflexology is the latest fashion but it’s been practiced for thousands of years. By looking at the body as a whole we can target specific issues or just provide a welcome release from twenty first century stress.

With her very caring approach Amanda puts you fully at ease, making a reflexology session, either hand or foot, a thoroughly relaxing and comfortable experience.  I have every confidence in her ability and knowledge to help with achieving a feeling of peace and well-being.


Amanda gave me a treatment for my frozen shoulder, not only did I sleep that night, I was totally relaxed.  Amanda certainly has a gift, I was truly amazed.  Amanda, also I believe has healing hands. I would highly recommend her and I’m very choosy who I recommend.

Genie Marie

“Having had Reflexology, I felt very relaxed also it helped my stress levels.  I always felt amazing afterwards it explained some of the issues I was suffering with and problems that I had with my stomach and with my eyes through the reflexology treatment, it certainly helped.

Overall it was an amazing experience, I will certainly be booking more. Thank you Amanda”


“Thank you Amanda for a fantastic reflexology treatment. A natural talent, very relaxing, great feedback and beautiful products. refreshed and pampered xx”


“Amanda taught me so much about myself.
Reflexology has hugely improved my asthma and my awareness of the inner me.
A good combination for everyone else.”


“A session with Amanda is wholly beneficial which leaves you feeling better all over.
She has a sure and confident touch which is hugely healing.” 


“The treatment was extremely relaxing and I felt most rested and calm afterwards.  Amanda was a true professional from the moment she entered my house to the moment she left.  It was like having a spa treatment without even leaving the house!”


Reflexology Feet map


Foot or hand massage based on the theory points on the feet, lower leg, hands, face or ears correspond with different areas of the body. Reflexologists work holistically to promote better health for their clients.

Swedish Massage

The best known and most common form of Western Massage. Based on the concepts of anatomy and physiology it releases tension and breaks up knots of muscle promoting relaxation.

Pamper Party

Take time to reconnect with friends, celebrate special occasions or just indulge with a tailored reflexology pamper party. Contact us for a unique relaxing and energising experience.

Corporate Care

Reward, protect and incentivise your employees with a bespoke day of treatments. Sick days cost business millions of pounds each year, why not be the workplace hero and suggest this today.