Your Session

“Nurturing yourself is not selfish, it’s essential to your survival and your wellbeing”

Renee Peterson Trudead

What to expect

During a reflexology session you may feel a tingling sensation in your body as pressure points in your feet or hands are worked on. Or when work is focusing on the digestive system, your tummy might rumble. Such sensations are quite normal. Both physical and emotional reactions can occur during a reflexology session.

The whole reflexology treatment, from consultation, warm-up massage to working on the reflex points, creates a sense of wellbeing. I liken reflexology to one BIG HUG for the whole body!

The number of sessions you choose to have depends on your general health and reasons for wanting to have reflexology. If you are dealing with a specific illness or condition, you may wish to have more frequent sessions.

Results from reflexology are often subtle and tend to be cumulative. Like all alternative therapies, benefits tend to increase with the number of treatments you have. A general recommendation is for a session every week for 6-8 weeks, followed by one every four weeks.

No qualified, reputable reflexologist will ever claim to cure. However, reflexology is considered by many to be beneficial as an alternative holistic therapy. People undergoing reflexology often report that, amongst others things, it helps reduce stress levels, aids sleep, improves digestive disorders, and helps ease menstrual problems, migraines and back pain. It is suitable for almost any age but, before any treatment is carried out, a health consultation form must be completed. There are occasions when the advice and approval of a qualified medical practitioner will be required prior to treatment.

The benefits of a mobile therapist

The great advantage of having a mobile therapist is that it makes your treatment as hassle-free as possible. No rushing to find the salon, getting stuck in traffic, or trying to find a parking spot!

When I come to your home or premises as your therapist, you can experience a wonderful reflexology treatment without the stress of commuting.

Before and after

All I ask is that you allocate your treatment time for yourself and be ready with your phones switched off, dressed comfortably and dedicated to giving yourself the occasion to focus on your well being.

By switching off, recharging and relaxing during your treatment you are caring for yourself and helping your body re-balance.

People react in many ways to reflexology, and your response may vary between treatments. After one treatment you may feel energised but after another you may just want to sleep. This is quite normal.

It is important to avoid a heavy meal before and after a treatment, and to drink plenty of water afterwards. Avoiding strenuous exercise and alcohol for at least 24 hours after a treatment is recommended.

How it works

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